Tooth-Colored Fillings

Do I have a cavity?

Do you think you may have a cavity? It is easy to miss a cavity in a healthy looking tooth, and a tooth that doesn’t look great may actually not have a cavity. If you think you may have a cavity, give our office a call for a consultation so one of our doctors can examine the tooth or teeth for you.

Did you know that the vast majority of cavities that patients get fillings for don’t cause any pain? This is because by the time a cavity is severe enough to be felt, it almost always needs more treatment such as a root canal or an extraction. If a small cavity that you can’t feel is left untreated, however, it will also grow larger and larger until it also needs bigger treatment.

This is why we screen our patients every year and always recommend getting cavities filled when they are small. The smaller a cavity is when it gets filled, the less of your tooth structure we have to take away. Once we remove the decayed tooth structure, we replace it with dental composite, a tooth-colored material that restores the tooth while maintaining its natural beauty.

Chipped tooth repair in Smyrna, GA

In addition to fixing cavities, fillings can also be used to repair some chipped teeth. If a tooth is too broken, it may require additional treatment, but often small fractures can be repaired with the same tooth-colored filling material. In many cases, these repairs can even be done without having to get a numbing injection.

If you chip a front tooth, don’t panic! Give our office a call for a consult. Often, we will be able to repair it the same day.

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